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Next Generation Evaluation System

Fast, Convenient, Reliable! Experience the Next Generation English Speaking Test powered by AI.

Fast, Convenient, and Reliable

PROGOS® employs artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate English-speaking skills in business situations such as presentations, negotiations, and expressing complex ideas.

Results are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and supported by experts from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

What is CEFR?


Take the test in less than 20 minutes, and get the results in as fast as 2 minutes!


PROGOS® is compatible with iOS and Android phones, allowing users to access it anytime and anywhere.


Delivers objective evaluation using state-of-the-art AI language system.

How it works

The PROGOS® system features a centralized dashboard that enables users to view and analyze their test data and results conveniently. Users can customize settings, including domain control, test frequency, and test results for individual tests, for a seamless and tailored experience.

  • Central Dashboard

    Centralized management of test takers, test data, and test results.

  • System Integration

    Can integrate with different systems.

  • Reports and Recommendation

    Enables users to create customized feedback with overall evaluation and detailed recommendations.

  • Cross-platform

    Available on Mobile, tablets and desktop applications.

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Central Dashboard
System Integration Diagram

English test for all purposes

From simple to complex questions, users can customize the system to fit their needs.


For quick, objective, and frequent assessment as part of your training program.


For employment screening, headhunting, and executive screening.


For an accurate analysis of your skill level and points for improvement.

Give PROGOS® a GO!

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Find and unlock your potential.
Perform beyond expectations.

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