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Central Dashboard

You can manage multiple companies' test data and results in one centralized dashboard.

You can monitor and analyze your test takers' results, status, feedback, and recommendations.

System Integration

PROGOS® can integrate with your software/process as a test or as a part of your system. With our system integration, you can customize the test, and feedback sheets, that can be linked to your system data and learning contents, and much more.

Reports and Recommendation

Test evaluation and feedback are based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and the CEFR-J.

The evaluation focuses on task achievement, appropriateness, and the quality of the responses. Feedbacks with overall evaluation, and detailed recommendations.

Multiple Platform

The system can integrate with any device, including mobile phones, tablet applications, and desktop applications, making test-taking and management easy for users and system managers.

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